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Team Jeeni

Team Jeeni - founders

Mel Croucher

(Founding Director)
Founder of the UK leisure software industry and head of JEENI channel content, Mel  has developed 7-figure fan databases and internet assets for the likes of Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd, Eminem, Robert Plant, Prince, Phil Collins, Latoya Jackson, Status Quo, U2 & Van Morrison. 

Paul Andrews

(Founding Director)
Head of JEENI business development and strategic planning, Shena is former MD of The Innovation Warehouse, and Invest South, author of the Data Protection Green Paper for the European Commission, and is responsible for raising £20m in private & public funds for start-ups. 

Shena Mitchell

(IT Director)
Award-winning software creator, including Program Of The Year, Andrew has worked with our Founding Director Mel Croucher on pioneering projects for 35 years. A specialist in databases, viral marketing, subscriber loyalty, artist audition algorithms and online community building.

Shena Mitchell

(Design Director)
Working with Mel for 12 years as the creator of global brand campaigns, websites and apps for multinational corporations, and more than 30 major movies and tv shows, including BAFTA award-winners. Ricky is the designer of all JEENI branding and online graphic user interfaces.

Team Jeeni - experts

Roger Watson

(Music Director)
Stage Manager for The Beatles, A&R Director of Chrysalis Records, Managing Director of Arista Records and Grammy Award nominated, Roger has produced Number One singles and albums on both sides of the Atlantic, and has been responsible for 500 million record sales so far.

Kelli Richards

(Managing Director Jeeni USA)
Former A&R Executive at EMI Music, Kelli is a celebrated digital media trailblazer and artist superconnector. Mentored by Steve Jobs at Apple, she launched and managed the music and entertainment division, resulting in the birth of global music online, now known as Apple  Music.

(Ethics Director)
Global Director of Arms Around The Child, hosting the iconic World Music Village, in partnership with Europe's largest and most successful music college, the British and Irish Modern Music Institute, Ellie is integral to the JEENI ethics policies and charity collaborations.

(Live Events Director)
Founder of the hugely successful CYNT community arts and entertainment organisation, Elliot is the JEENI lynchpin for marketing and liaison with major festivals, concerts and live events, and heads up the DJ and remix services for new JEENI talent.

Team Jeeni - platform delivery

Ricky Foyle

(Chief Technical Officer)
Managing Director of BCi Digital, Europe's leading on-demand and digital systems integrator, technical supremo for all BBC radio distribution, committee for migration of UK from analogue to digital broadcasting.

(Platform Delivery Director)
Director of Professional Services BCi Digital, Barry has delivered and launched successful platforms for Microsoft, Sky Europe, BBC, ITV, Discovery, and Tandberg TV.

(Head of Professional Serices BCi Digital) former Head of Media Delivery at Ericsson and responsible for the global team to integrate and deploy media delivery to the end user, and former Head of Solutions Engineering Tandberg Television.

Team Jeeni - media & marketing

Andrew Stagg

(News Media)
Highly experienced communicator and copywriter for leading global advertising agencies, Karen is responsible for JEENI communications via mainstream media on a day to day basis.

(Online Development)
Founder of his own highly successful digital development company with a roster of worldwide clients, all achieved before his sixteenth birthday, and our newest member of the team.

(Marketing & PR)
Former Virgin Entertainment Group Head of Global Communications. Responsible for the PR campaigns of LucasArts, Capcom, Pokémon, Star Wars and Sega. Awards include Best PR Agency.

(Artist Publicity)
Working closely with Danielle, and benefitting from her perspective as an industry insider, Ami handles media outreach in the best interests of newsworthy JEENI events, our artists and our celebrities.

Team Jeeni - outreach

Ricky Foyle

(Student Coordinator)
Senior Lecturer, School of Creative Technologies, University of Portsmouth, bringing us the brightest young minds in media technology for commercialisation and social media applications of JEENI.

(Video Production)
Working in tandem with Jordan, Elliott is videographer for our complete range of music channels, and is the creator of JEENI music videos, animation sequences, special effects, online user guides, and our mentor videos.

(Photographic Media)
Specialist in both celebrity and new talent shoots, Jordan delivers imagery for artist showcases, publicity photography, album covers, live productions and concerts, for JEENI mentors and new talent alike.

Team Jeeni - support

Darren Jordan

(Legal, Finance and IP)
Expert legal advice and practical support for the best benefit of JEENI and our funders alike, from the superb SeedLegals team.

Virgin Crowdboost
(Project Accreditation)
JEENI is proud to be supported by the Crowdfunding Accelerator team of the Virgin Crowdboost programme, ensuring we are completely investor ready.

Registered Office: 64 Parkstone Avenue,
Southsea, Hants PO4 0QZ
Company Registration Number 11114945
Approved by the UK Government for SEIS and EIS
Investors please email: