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Jeeni is on a mission to help the next generation of talent benefit from the experience of world-class superstars. The campaign is being masterminded by Jeeni’s Music Director Roger Watson, the record executive responsible for more than 500 million sales so far. “Can I get big names involved? The answer to that is - yes, of course. I’ve produced them, I play tennis with them, I walk dogs with them and I drink beer with them. And the more the merrier. They’ve all got the knowledge and experience to pass on to new artists discovered by Jeeni.”

When asked which celebrities are in his sights, Roger says, “So, Rick Astley is a good old pal of mine, and he plays with Kylie Minogue. But just scroll to the bottom of this page to see all the stars we’ve worked with.” Jeeni puts undiscovered talent at the head of the queue by letting them use the platform to sell their original music and gig tickets direct to fans, and then keep every penny. The company is live on Crowdcube, and investors can own a stake right now. 

They should be so lucky - Rick and Kylie

Rick Astley Kylie Minogue Jeeni

Jeeni, the Portsmouth-based music talent booster has got one week to help save the world’s biggest rock music artefact. In fact it’s as big as a double-decker bus!

In partnership with the Arms Around the Child charity, Jeeni is helping to find a new home for Paul McCartney’s iconic Wings Over Europe tour bus which he took on the road after The Beatles broke up. When Paul conducted his family and his band Wings on board the bus, their magical mystery tour went down in history.

But after voyaging as far as the Canary Islands the bus was left to rust, until it was rescued by Arms Around The Child and brought back home to England. Now it faces eviction from its temporary home unless Jeeni can save the day.

Jeeni Music Director Roger Watson says, “We’re trying our best to save this piece of living rock music history, and I’ve got a personal involvement. I was stage manager for The Beatles when I was still in my teens.” Roger continues, “Now, with my role in Jeeni, I’m determined to help undiscovered new talent make it to the top. Maybe the Wings Over Europe magic bus can be an inspiration for the next generation to take the highway to success.” 

Jeeni has Wings!

Jeeni Paul McCartney Wings tour bus

In 2005, a teenage Lily Allen changed the direction of the music industry forever by using MySpace to establish her career and cut out the music executives who had previously ignored her. Now her legacy of artist empowerment takes a giant step forward with the launch of Jeeni.
Jeeni founder Shena Mitchell explains: “Lily Allen is a social media trailblazer, who has built a huge following by understanding what it takes to build a fan-base. Jeeni takes things one step further for musicians who want to break through, because we help them to get paid without having to duke it out in a notoriously cut-throat industry. We’re making a complex business completely transparent. Anyone can upload their music safely and easily, and if there’s an audience for it they’ll find it with Jeeni’s assistance. We like to think that if Lily Allen was starting out today, she’d use Jeeni to build her fan base. It’s MySpace on steroids – and then some! We hope Lily approves of the project, and our determination to deliver financial fairness to emerging artists.”

Lily Allen - would she choose Jeeni if she was starting out today?

Jeeni Lily Allen

One of the world’s top record executives has joined Team Jeeni. Heard of Roger Watson? You've certainly heard his work. Grammy Award record producer with 500 million record sales to his name (and the velvet voice of the Viagra ads!) Now Roger is lending his experience and knowledge to help a new generation of undiscovered music talent in the Jeeni project.
Jeeni is a streamed music service based in Portsmouth, and the company is endorsed by Richard Branson’s Virgin Crowdboost programme. Listeners get to vote on who joins the next generation of stadium stars, and the young hopefuls are guided by experienced professionals. And they don’t come more experienced than Roger Watson. He was stage manager to The Beatles, and he went on to produce best-selling albums for superstars like Blondie and Tina Turner, as A&R Director of Chrysalis Records and Managing Director of Arista Records. Welcome aboard!

Roger Watson (right) with Jeeni founder Mel Croucher

The woman who brought digital entertainment to the world is set to become global music ambassador for Jeeni. Kelli Richards is based in Cupertino, California, where the mighty Apple Corporation has its headquarters, and where she is honoured as one of the “Top 100 Women of Influence.” An Amazon Number One best-Selling author, and former A&R executive with EMI Music, Kelli played a key role in launching the entertainment division of Silicon Graphics. She’s celebrated as a digital media trailblazer and was responsible for launching Apple’s entry into music and entertainment during her many years with the company. In other words, Kelli Richards was directly responsible for the birth of digital entertainment and global music online, now known as Apple Music.

Jeeni founder Mel Croucher worked with Kelli on projects for superstars like Eminem and Prince, and it seemed a perfect fit for Mel to invite her to represent Jeeni in the USA. “I was privileged to have been mentored by the legendary Steve Jobs over a period of several decades,” says Kelli. “I work on cool projects with cool people, and Jeeni is very, very cool.” 

Kelli Richards at Jeeni-USA HQ

Kelli Richards Jeeni USA

Members of Team Jeeni have worked with some of the world's greatest artists, including all of these superstars plus a whole lot more. Now we're helping a new generation of undiscovered talent.


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