JEENI is a multi-channel streaming service for original music on demand. As a dedicated showcase for exclusive entertainment, Jeeni provides a direct service between new artists, their iconic heroes and the global audience. We promise to deliver audio entertainment that's original, addictive and of the highest quality. And we promise to treat our creative talent ethically, fairly, honestly and with respect.

We're everything Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud and Amazon wish they could be - but they're not.

Jeeni - No hype. No adverts. No rip-offs. No Fakes. 

• Jeeni will be available on connected devices as an app and web-based service.
• Radio Jeeni, Jeeni TV and Jeeni DJ will be available as digital Jeeni channels.
• Streamed concerts, masterclasses and celebrity mentor sessions will be available by subscription and pay-to-view.
for ...
• casual listeners
• dedicated music fans
• dedicated spoken word fans
• world-class artists
• mentors and masterclasses
• artist's agents
• signed artists with existing fan bases
• unsigned artists with growing fan bases
• enthusiastic amateurs
• music students, academies, universities, colleges and schools
• promoters, venues and tour managers
• booking agents
• ticketers
• gig-seekers and artist seekers
• radio, tv and online presenters and producers
• djs and mixers
• festivals and events
• record labels and a&r
• news agencies, bloggers and vloggers
• music and production services
• selected affiliates and partners 

• NO SCAMS. Traditionally, the music industry is plagued by profiteers, charlatans and rip-off merchants. Jeeni is completely different. Our promise is to to treat our listening audience and our creative talent ethically, fairly, honestly and with respect.
• NO ADVERTS. On Jeeni your listening pleasure will never be ruined by jingles or adverts, you won't be force-fed anything you don't want to hear, and your choices will never be manipulated by outside influences and unwanted pressures.
• NO FAKES. Our charts cannot be faked, bought or influenced. They are completely genuine, they are based on individual positive votes, and they are truly democratic.
• NO RIP-OFFS. We do not insult our artists with false promises or pitiful royalty payments that add up to next to nothing. 100% of Jeeni artist merchandising profits go direct to our artists. And at least 50% of profits on streamed concerts and masterclasses are shared with our celebrity artists, mentors and Award Winners.
• NO LOOKING AWAY. Jeeni supports charitable projects, including Arms Around The Child, providing safe loving homes and support for orphaned children, vulnerable children and those at risk of exploitation.
• NO HYPOCRISY. We will not accept partnerships or funding from any organisation or individual who we know to be involved with armaments, harming the environment, political, religious or unethical organisations. We positively seek out corporate relationships with those who make a positive contribution to the wellbeing of people and the environment.
• NO EXPLOITATION. We pledge to use available funds to create local jobs, new opportunities and genuine resources. We will not exploit students, interns or volunteers, but treat them as valued members of Team Jeeni and reward them to the best of our ability.
• NO TAX DODGING. Unlike certain other entertainment platforms and content providers, we pledge to pay all our due taxes in full, because we choose to make a positive contribution to the health, welfare and education of the society in which we live.

• INVESTOR REWARDS are available to claim your piece of the action even before we launch and make sure you put the talent you want to promote way ahead of the crowd.
• Even if you don't intend to boost your own career, that's no problem. You can gift your Rewards to a friend, colleague, family member, school, favourite band, in fact any individual or organisation you like.

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FREE JEENI is a free source of great new music, with unlimited channels of original audio entertainment to discover and enjoy, including Radio Jeeni, Jeeni TV and Jeeni DJ. No fees, no subscriptions, no commitment, no strings, no hassle.

LEAN JEENI - is for those of you who want to make a real difference. We understand that many music lovers don't have much spare cash, and we believe this should be no barrier to becoming a Star Maker. That's why we're charging an absolute rock bottom price to join our LEAN JEENIS - less than a cup of coffeee a month. You benefit from everything Free Jeenis enjoy, PLUS:
• the right to vote on any track, help create the popularity charts and turn undiscovered talent into the next generation of stars.
• the right to vote on Jeeni policies and topics, including new channels, venues, concerts and superstar appearances.
• your own playlists package to create, share and enjoy.
• your own Jeeni Profile Page to tell the world about yourself, keep track of all your Jeeni activities and personalise the look and feel of your Jeeni experience.

KEEN JEENI is where audio fans become a vital part of the Jeeni community, for a monthly subscription that's less than the cost of a Big Mac meal. You benefit from everything Lean Jeenis enjoy, PLUS:
• your Star-Maker messaging suite where you shape opinion and make your voice heard.
• your Jeeni Rewards Package, where you get points for everything you do on Jeeni, to spend on concerts, downloads and merchandise.
• your own Jeeni blogger and vlogger package to make your voice heard and really strut your stuff.
• special Jeeni exclusives from our celebrities and mentors, absolutely free.

STREAM JEENI is for you if you are at all serious about your own creative work. For a monthly investment that's about the same as a Domino's pizza you benefit from everything Keen Jeenis enjoy, PLUS:
• the right to upload and stream your own audio and video tracks on Jeeni channels for the world to enjoy.
• your own dedicated artist showcase, to play your showreels, show your images, display your lyrics and publicise your news.
• your own stats package to monitor the popularity of your work, globally.
• your Jeeni Fanbase Builder - your own fully automatic management system to locate and keep existing and new fans,
• your Jeeni Push-Marketing package, to advertise your own gigs, releases, merchandise and news, automatically.
• special tickets to all Jeeni celebrity concerts.

Jeeni is not only for new talent and audio fans, it's an artist development platform for professionals. Our SUPREME JEENI service works alongside your existing management, agencies and merchandisers, and if you do all those things yourself then so much the better. The subscription cost is about the same as going to a single monthly concert, and you benefit from everything Stream Jeenis enjoy, PLUS:
• your professional merchandising package, where you keep 100% of all sales profits. Your package includes artwork templates for vinyl, DVD, cassettes, USB sticks, inserts, sleeve notes, posters, t-shirts, USB sticks, and other merchandise, logos, responders, and emailshots.
• automatic plays of your work on Radio Jeeni.
• automatic plays of your work on Jeeni TV.
• free opt-in to have your work remixed and publicised on Jeeni DJ for plays at clubs, festivals and live events.
• listing pack for inclusion in the national charts.
• your tracks automatically put forward for the Jeeni Awards.

• CREAM JEENIS have worked their way to the top, and include renowned singers, musicians, poets, composers, record producers, managers and promoters.
• They use JEENI to communicate with their global audience, and poll them about releases, tours, schedules, venues and masterclasses.
• They offer exclusive concerts and masterclasses for JEENI subscribers.
• They act as mentors to our Award Winners and next generation of stars.


Using Jeeni for music on demand is simple. You can find it by artist, language, title, instrumentation, category, key word, popularity, private play-list, in fact any way you want. Our list of Jeeni Channels is growing all the time, with dedicated channels for artists and bands, music genres, spoken word and individual instruments.

Here's a sample of what you can enjoy for starters:
Acapella, Acgtor, Alt Rock, Ambient, Arthouse, Ballad, Barbershop, Big Band, Bluegrass, Blues, Bossa Nova, Cabaret, Cello, Chant, Children, Choral, Classical, Comedy songs, Comedy Stand-Up, Country, Dance, Death Metal, Disco, Dub, Electronic, Emo, Experimental, Faith, Folk, Funk, Fusion, Gospel, Grime, Grunge, Guitar, Hardcore, Hip Hop, House, Human, Beatbox, Indie, Jazz, Mariachi, Metal, New Wave, Opera, Orchestral, Piano, Poetry, Pop, Mixers, Progressive, Punk, R and B, Random, Rap, Reggae, Rock’n’Roll, Saxophone, Short stories, Singer-Songwriter, Ska, Slam Poetry, Solo Instrumental, Solo Vocal, Songwriters, Soul, Soundalikes, Soundtrack, Synthetic, Techno, Trance, Unique, Urban, Videogame, Music, Violin, World Music. 

Jeeni empowers you with the ability to control channel content and shape the success of original music as an integral part of your entertainment. You judge what your hear and register your opinion by instant votes.

The Jeeni Charts do not rely on the fake purchases, click-farms or hyped numbers of plays - they are compiled from genuine individual votes by real people - people like you. That's how we deliver our artists and fans meaningful statistics for the popularity of all Jeeni content, including the following categories:
Latest, Current Most Popular, All Time Most Popular, Current Full Charts, All Time Full Charts, Awards Contenders, Hall Of Fame Winners.

Jeeni is a genuine online community where everyone is rewarded for everything all the time. When paid subscriptions begin, our members will be rewarded for all of the following activities:
• when you register as Free Jeeni
• when you subscribe as Lean Jeeni
• when you subscribe as Keen Jeeni
• when you subscribe as Stream Jeeni
• when you subscribe as Supreme Jeeni
• every time you introduce a new unique paying subscriber
• every time you log in
• bonus rewards if you log in for 7 consecutive days
• bonus rewards if you log in for 28 consecutive days
• every time you play a track
• every time you like/vote for a track
• whenever you write or view a message
• whenever you view an alert, blog or vlog
• each time you update your favourite playlist
• when you start to fill in your user profile
• when you complete your user profile
• each time you upload a track
• every time you answer an Ask Me
• when you help us by reporting abuse
• if you opt-in to have a track featured on Radio Jeeni, Jeeni TV, Jeeni DJ, Streaming Charts
• if you opt-in to donate your rewards to a selected charity
• if you opt-in to cash in your rewards for merchandise
• if you join our discount club for concert tickets
• if you link to Jeeni from your social media account, YouTube channel or website

Our members will be offered a range of services and items to spend their rewards on, including:
• tickets for pay-to-view streamed concerts
• monthly subscription charges
• priority listing of tracks
• guaranteed plays of tracks on Radio Jeeni, Jeeni TV and Jeeni DJ

Registered Office: 64 Parkstone Avenue, Southsea, Hants PO4 0QZ
Company Registration Number 11114945
Approved by the UK Government for SEIS and EIS
Investors please email: invest@jeeni.online

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